Simmered Soybeans and Vegetables

The Home Cooking version

   Sumi Saikawa

"The essence of Shojin ryori (temple cooking) to your table."


This dish is a typical representative of home-style cooking, also known as “Mom’s cooking”. The soybeans are simmered with a variety of ingredients.It is a good idea to boil a lot of soybeans at a time and freeze them. Skip the boiling if using canned or precooked soybeans.

Pre time:
Cook time:


1:1.5cups dry soybeans

2:80g burdock root

3:80g lotus root

4:100g carrot

5:1/2 devil’s tongue jelly

6:8cm kelp

7:Seasonings 8TBS sugar

8:2TBS mirin

9:5~6 soysauce

10:4 cups SoakKelp dashi



01Wash and soak the dry soybeans for over night.(Soybeans will double in volume) Change the water and add the soybeans and lots of water in a pot and start boiling. Once it get boiled, make to medium heat and continually cook until the soybeans get soft.While boiling, take off the skin, scan and bubble carefully.Turn off the heat and leave the soybeans as soaking the liquid.(Three times the volume). Once they cool down, wash and drain.




02Dice the carrot into 1cm cube, cut the lotus root into bite-size pieces, and cut the skinned burdock root at random into small chunks. Boil devil’s tongue jelly briefly and dice into 1cm cubes. Cut the kelp which used for making dashi stock into 1cm cubes.


03Place soybeans, all vegetables and kelp stock into a skillet and heat. Once it come to boil, add sugar and simmer for 5 minutes and add soy sauce and mirin. Keep simmering by using a drop lid until some of the liquid is about to evaporate, but still the beans are just soaked.




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